About Us

Doug Forrest has 25 years experience working in the movie visual effects industry; 15 of those as a digital artist, and he has always been interested in photography and art. What is now Photo Replicate, started out as a hobby several years ago. 

Doug’s parents spent several years living in another country before he was born and they had many photographs of their experiences. Although those adventures were often talked about during Doug’s childhood, the photographs (boxes and boxes of slides) were never retrieved from where they were buried in the attic to be shown to anyone.
One day, it occurred to him that it would be a good idea to ask his parents for all the slides, to scan them, not only so that he could finally see them, but to preserve them as an heirloom for the rest of the family. 

“The original idea was to produce a book, but I soon realized that there were too many pictures to make into a reasonably sized book. With all the alternatives in digital output media, such as external hard drives or digital frames, I realized that there was a better way to make them accessible and easily shared, and yet not be too expensive. The collection has since been scanned and can now be conveniently contained on a single external hard drive.”

Doug has since scanned and restored several collections of negatives and slides for others, when finally his partner, Yoshiko Kim suggested doing it as a business.

“It was a good time to pursue something different, and I started to look more closely at what I enjoyed doing and the skills that I had. I like being artistic, and enjoy working with photos, so Yoshiko’s idea seemed like a natural progression for me. It’s always great to see the reaction on people’s faces, when they see their photographs again, especially if they were in pretty bad shape before scanning and restoring. 

What we’re after is the “WOW!” factor when people realize that their photos are not going to just fade away after all, but that they can keep them looking new forever and easily share them with the rest of their family.

Some of the techniques I learned while working in the visual effects industry, adapted nicely to difficult photographic restoration projects. Restoring 60-year-old images that have faded, to the point of almost being indiscernible, or restoring detail obliterated by mold, scratches and dirt is not something that just anyone can do without training, but it’s not too far removed from some of the work that is sometimes required to make a movie visual effects element work.”

Yoshiko has a technical background in computer networking and previous business experience. She is a graduate of Devry Long Beach and UCLA, and she holds degrees in information technology and psychology. She worked for several years as a support specialist for a large network product company. She is a creative person. She has always been interested in having her own business. 

“I like the idea of being my own boss, making my own hours, and doing something I love.  I want the flexibility to be available for my child, and I finally found a business that allows me the flexibility and work that I need. Both Doug and I want this business to develop a feeling of more personal service to our clients, rather than just running through the mechanics of the process.”

As already noted, it was her initial idea for Doug to pursue his hobby as a business, and together, they have made Photo Replicate what it is today, with the hope that the work will speak for itself. 



When I finally realized it really was time to get all of my 600 slides converted to a “forever” system, I consulted with Doug Forrest of Photo Replicate as I had seen much of his work, both on computer and his painting and sketching.  I knew he would be the one to tell me exactly what he would do and how he would do it, and then do it conscientiously and at the quality level of all of his art.

Our family slides chronicle my husband and I prior to children and the birth of our children( all three now in their forties).  The slides sat in plastic envelopes for years, and thus had some serious damage.  You can see two pictures of me (before and after) on Photo Replicate’s website gallery –the damage was severe and Doug fixed it.  Not all slides needed that level of care, but I do know this one photo took hours!

I know the preservation of my slides could have been done cheaper “off shore”, but I would have missed out on knowing the artist, and having the direct communication with the person who would preserve the last 50 years of our lives!  It was very important to me to have a local artist (and I do call it “artistry”) with whom I could communicate directly.  My questions were numerous!

I would be pleased to talk with anyone considering  converting their photos or slides, to share more of my experience with this process.  My children each now have a digitized copy of all of our slides – and they will have them forever…..and on to our grandchildren. 

We are so pleased to be a continuing client of Photo Replicate!

Judy Clausen

"After mom died, we took the big box of family pictures and began separating them to distribute to the various family members. Included in this box were many negatives from various decades. Some were going to throw away the negatives since it was doubtful that the process for developing many of the old negatives still existed. My curious daughter saved them from the trash heap and planned to look for a company who would take on the printing task. She was talking about her plan to one of her coworkers, who volunteered to take on this task, himself.

We were truly amazed when he presented us with several DVD copies of the old prints. Treasured visions of family members were caught on the little silver disc. Visions which would have been lost forever had they not been reproduced by hours of patient research and innovative processes to make the pictures reappear.

Excitedly, we placed the disc into the player and anxiously awaited what might appear. We were not disappointed as the captured images triggered memories of days gone by. The old photographs appeared one on top of another in a magical slide presentation which used a layered effect of image placement. Familiar and unfamiliar characters beamed from the screen. A genuine feeling of thankfulness overwhelmed us as we saw treasures that would not be lost. We can not thank Doug enough for bringing our old negatives to life and keeping our ancestry alive.

I recommend that if you want your old negatives brought to life, you can trust these treasures into the hands of Photo Replicate. You will be more than satisfied with the quality of work and creativeness of presentation.

One satisfied customer,
Claudine Lackey"