What We Offer

We are a local, customer orientated, business based in Los Angeles, that digitally scan photographs - color or black and white.

We scan standard 35mm slides and negatives using Nikon's Super CoolScan 5000ED scanner, at the maximum resolution of 4000dpi and 16bits, per channel, color depth. We can also scan negatives and transparencies with sizes that differ from standard 35mm, or prints, when there is no negative available (see "Quality From Prints" under the "Why Scan?" tab).

In addition, your scans will be individually evaluated and color corrected, as the colors and contrast of older photographs have almost always lost their original luster (see "Faded Photographs" under the "Why Scan?" tab). We will attempt to correct for under, or over exposed photographs, and normal amounts of dirt*, surface scratches, overall colorcasts and other blemishes will be seamlessly removed.
* Any scan that shows an unusually high amount of dirt and damage will be flagged as needing restoration work, which is an additional service. This can only be determined once the image is scanned, as most dirt and scratches (from normal handling) are microscopic, but show up really well on high-resolution scans. A quote will be sent for you to approve, should any of your images require this, before this kind of work is performed. You of course will have the option to just accept the scan "as is", without incurring further costs, and possibly do additional touch up work yourself if you wish.

(All scans, regardless of condition, will have the base level of dirt and scratch removal performed on them, whether or not you decide to use this service.)

We also offer a separate restoration service for severely damaged images, on a per request basis (see "Scanning Prevents Further Degradation" under the "Why Scan?" tab).

Finally, we will output your finished scans to the medium you choose. We suggest using an external USB hard drive, as these have the capacity to conveniently contain your complete collection all in one place. This gives you the most options after you receive your photographs, such as ease of viewing, sharing and backing up, or making copies. Each file will be saved as a TIFF file (see "Output File Format" under the "Why Scan? tab). We even offer to buy the drive for you, and add it's cost to the final invoice, without any mark-up on the price that we pay. In doing this, we offer convenience and save you the additional expense of shipping one to us. We will never purchase anything extra without first obtaining written approval from you to do so.  

Our goal is to give our customers a friendly and more personalized experience that may be lacking at a larger company.